August 6, 2014

Top Performing Mutual Funds of 2014

Kiplinger recently published their 2014 rankings highlighting the best-performing mutual funds through June 30th. The #1 performer for the Large-Company Stock Funds category was the Biondo Focus Investor fund (BFONX). Up 49.52% in one year! No wonder this fund charges a 2.82% expense ratio. For that kind of coin you must really be getting some kick-ass performance for your money. Imagine how rich you'd be if you went all-in on this fund back in March of 2010 instead of a lousy S&P 500 ETF. This fund may employ leverage, so it probably crushed the total return of the rest of the market during this bull run, right?

Active management + a large expense ratio FTW! Err....hmm. Well, this is embarrassing.

Studies  continually show that top active managers fail to repeat their performance in subsequent years, with many falling near the bottom of fund rankings after a stellar year or two.

Biondo Focus Fund (BFONX) Total Return Compared to S&P 500

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